Our Condolences go out to the Carr family


We here at Whitebear560.com wish to send our heartfelt Condolences  Dallas Cowboys’ cornerback Brandon Carr and his family.  Please take the time Mr. Carr to start the healing process.   We send  out our sympathy to you and your family.  We need you to move forward, give trust your Mother is in a better place and we hope you have the best season of your entire career.

Can the Cowboys break the 8-8 Curse



Caption (credit:  www.newsday.com)
Caption (credit: www.newsday.com)

The Dallas Cowboys will need the offense to climb out of the 8-8 routine the club has experienced for the last three years.  Dez Bryant will have a huge part in leading a core of young receivers into the 2014 season.  It will not be all on Dez, look for a big season from Terrance Williams and DeMarco Murray.   This season’s offensive squad promises to be one potent, scoring machine.  This will be the season the Cowboys overcome the 8-8 blues.

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