Airshow and Fireworks coming to Arlington

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Arlington, Texas will be the host of the biggest airshow and fireworks display going on in the Deep South. I am not talking about a night time party at Six Flags over Texas. I am writing about the afternoon showdown at AT&T Stadium between Andrew Luck and Tony Romo.

The last time that Arlington witnessed a show with the potential of tomorrow afternoon’s game, was last season when Payton Manning and Tony Romo’s teams put up a combined 99 points.

Luck and Romo found different paths as they made their ways into the NFL. Romo is nine years Lucks senior. Luck came into the NFL as the number one pick in the NFL Draft. Tony Romo went undrafted. Andrew Luck was the starter from day one with the Indianapolis Colts. Tony Romo spent over three years with Dallas before he played in his first official NFL game.

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Luck is 6’4” tall and weighs 240 and Romo is 6’2” tall and weighs 230. Luck has all the physical attributes that one could ask for in a proto-typical quarterback. Romo is a gifted athlete in more than one sport, including basketball and golf.

This season, Luck leads the third ranked offense. Romo leads the ninth ranked offense. Luck has played in every game while Romo did miss one game.

Luck is first in passing yards with 4,492 and Romo is ninth with 3,188. Luck has almost 200 more passing attempts this season than does Tony Romo. Luck has 38 passing touchdowns and three rushing touchdowns. Romo has 28 passing touchdown and has not broken the goal line this season. Luck has thrown 14 interceptions to Romo’s eight. Luck has turned the ball over 15 times while Romo has lost the ball only nine times. Luck has had four games with more than one interception, while Romo has only two. Romo has had 8 games this season without throwing an interception. Luck has only four games without being picked off.

On paper it looks as both of these two quarterbacks are almost evenly matched.

Romo has a quarterback rating of 110.4 for the season and 97.1 for his career. Luck has a rating of 97.5 and a career rating of 86.7.

Romo is the master of the late game comeback. When Romo has to rely on the passing game to win, the team moves the ball best when they resort to the hurry-up offense.

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At 34, Tony Romo has taken his share of physical abuse in this league. Romo has learned to manage his condition over the last several years, while Andrew Luck has yet to suffer the big injury.

With Luck’s team ranking 15th in overall defense and Romo’s team ranking 22nd, neither one of their defenses have dominated enough to win a game on their own merit. When these two quarterbacks play, the game is in their hands.

Both of these quarterbacks are excellent athletes and top notch competitors. They both bring a 10-4 record into tomorrow’s game.

While Romo’s career has reached its pinnacle, Luck’s career is just beginning to get underway.

Luck’s team is already guaranteed a playoff spot. Romo’s team may be forced to win-out in order to make the playoffs.

This will be a game with both offenses pulling the trigger early and often.

All of the anticipation that this year has brought forward will lead up to one of the most exciting games of the season. Tomorrow’s game is going to be full of scoring and fireworks. This will be an airshow to be remembered under the big Texas sky.

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