The Dez drama ends in Dallas

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Break out the champagne Dallas Cowboy fans; after months of drama, Dez Bryant has finally received the financial recognition that he needed to feel appreciated by the Dallas Cowboys. Now, the Cowboys can turn their combined focus to the team, bringing out the best in what should amount to a Championship run.

The terms of the deal are, 14 million plus for each of the next 5 years with 45 million guaranteed.

With Dez’s ego being massaged, this offense will excel beyond expectations. It is a Great feeling to have all this drama in the past. Now, the team can begin make the magic happen.

When Dez decided to fire his agent Eugene Parker and replace him with Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports Management team, he set the negotiation progress on its proverbial butt. However, both sides seemed optimistic that a deal would get done before the deadline. At NO point in this whole affair, did Dez ever consider holding out the entire season, with hopes of being traded to a competitor.

The starry career of Dez Bryant has been sculptured by the Cowboys organization since day one. Dez’s development and bond with quarterback Tony Romo have made him into one of the leagues’ elite stars. Both Dez and the Cowboys can celebrate what they have been able to accomplish as a team.

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Stephen and Jerry Jones have done their part this year, now it is up to the coaches and players to perform.

Hopefully, we won’t have any more “drama” until the season is underway and the only drama becomes how quickly the team is stacking up the W’s in the win-loss column.

When Dallas placed the Franchise Tag on Dez, they ensured that he would not be going anywhere even if both sides could not come to an agreement. Now, we can all take a collective sigh of relief and get on to the 2015 NFL season and tasks at hand. The team can now travel “together” to Oxnard and get this machine tuned-up and ready to make the Cowboy Nation proud. Go Cowboys! The Team – The Team – The Team! – and Distance contributor Whitebear560 Whitebear560 Facebook – @Whitebear560 Twitter.