After further review 28-17 Cowboys lose

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After further review, having four turnovers by the offense in the first half is not going to win games, ever. Dallas started the momentum flowing on the third play of the game when DeMarco Murray fumbled near the end of the play and San Francisco returned it for a touchdown.

Tony Romo was rusty, to say the least, and his passes were thrown like he had a sore arm. Romo tried to force the ball into double and triple coverage three times and it hurt the team each time. One time, it was in the end zone and it denied the Cowboys of scoring even a field goal.

The ’49ers were able to capitalize on three of the turnovers, turning them into an almost instant 21 points. As a Cowboys fan, it was hard to watch.

Dez Bryant took a helmet in the back and was mostly in effective.

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Dez was even taken to the locker room for a check-up.  Bryant later returned, but with his injury and Romo’s off day, it was not a big day for Bryant.

Romo had a couple of completed passes where the receivers really helped him. The first one was a little under thrown to Jason Witten, and Witten made a magical catch.
Cole Beasley had a couple of diving receptions and Dwayne Harris made a great catch on a ball Romo under threw for the biggest play of the game for Dallas.

The play of the outside cornerbacks needs to be cleaned up. Jerome Henderson is the coach responsible for this group. A receiver with Vernon Davis’s skill should never be left wide open, and certainly not more than once a game.

The Positives

Romo quit forcing the ball in the second half. DeMarco Murray rushed for over a hundred yards. Cole Beasley and Terrance Williams both did fine jobs of going and getting poorly thrown balls.

The defense that everyone worried about, only allowed 7 points against a potent San Francisco offense. There were a few blown coverages by the cornerbacks, but the linebackers played a good, solid game.

Bruce Carter was all over the field and made several plays. Rolando McClain looks like the real deal to replace Sean Lee. Carter played better with McClain next to him at the Mike position.

The defensive line played respectable, too.  Jeremy Mincey pressured Kaepernick on several plays.

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Tyrone Crawford had a big play. Davon Coleman was effective in the middle and the entire defensive line played decent as a group.

Romo took three sacks and stayed on the field. Romo was not his accurate, normal self, but he did lead the team down the field for two scores.

It is only one loss, and the defense looked better than the 32 best group in the league.

Romo will have a complete week of practice. Next week, the offensive will play better and not give away 21 points in the first half.

Dallas travels to Tennessee to take on the Titans next.

After further review, Dallas’s offense must play better next week and get the miscues cleaned up if they are to be successful this season. – contributor Whitebear560 – Whitebear560 Facebook – @whitebear560 Twitter