Regulators set to provide protection for Dallas

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There is a new group of Regulators in town. They have been brought here to make things right. Forget all the crimes that have been committed against the Cowboys’ offensive line in the past few seasons, all that is behind us now.

There is a newly formed posse in Dallas that will have no mercy on opposing defensives. The Cowboys assembled this new group from the colleges of our fine nation. They will be on the field to lead the charge this season.

For the first time since his arrival, offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Bill Callahan will have a very talented group up front. Last season we watched as this group eventually gelled into one of the finer lines in all of football.

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Tyron Smith.  Enough said here. This player is a genetic freak. He is prototype left tackle for the NFL.

Ronald Leary came to the team as an undrafted free agent from the Memphis Tigers. Leary’s degenerative knee condition was well noted by the media. Leary has overcome playing with his painful knee condition and has become a solid starter lining up in between Tyron Smith and center Travis Frederick.

In the 2013 NFL draft, the Cowboys used their first round draft pick to select Wisconsin’s center, Travis Frederick. There was a lot of moaning by fans and media alike when the Cowboys used their number one pick on a center, but by the middle of the season, everyone could see the difference Frederick was making. Frederick is an intelligent player and he plays with good technique. He is tough at the point of attack and he makes the calls for the offensive line. It is a crucial job and Frederick will only get better in his second professional season.

To solidify an already good group of linemen, the Dallas Cowboys selected Notre Dame’s prized lineman Zack Martin in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft. Martin is not only a smart player, he is physical and he is dependable. Martin set the record at Notre Dame for consecutive starts. Martin’s value is not only as a guard, he can also slide outside and play the tackle position if necessary, and he can do it effectively.

Doug Free mans the right offensive tackle position. Free was humbled last season when he was forced to take a major pay cut. To Free’s credit, he Cowboy’d up and took one for the team. Last season, Free played better than he had for the two previous campaigns.

Mackenzy Bernadeau has become a real special player for this team. Bernadeau can back-up at center and both guard positions. He is a solid sixth lineman. Bernadeau showed his good character last season when Brian Waters replaced him in the starting lineup. Bernadeau never gave up. Bernadeau’s game seemed to have improved while Waters was the starter and when his number was called upon to replace the injured Waters, he was up for the task.

This group of linemen is the most physically talent group Dallas has assembled since the 90’s. With Tony Romo’s age becoming a factor, they have arrived on scene just in time to extend Romo’s career here in Dallas. Beware opposing defensives – the Regulators are going to be taking back turf around the league. – contributor Whitebear560 – Whitebear560 Facebook – @whitebear560 Twitter