The Lone Star Wave

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With Rod Marinelli’s “wave defense” the Dallas Cowboys, after two games, have turned the tides on opposing offenses. This squad plays with an intensity that was not seen with last season’s group of defenders.

I have said all along, this summer until now, that this is not only going to be a wave defense, this will be the Tsunami defense. With the combination of coaches and players this team has brought together, we are going to see a totally different style of  football here in Dallas.

The way Marinelli trains these lineman to play has motivated the group and with the return of Henry Melton and the possibility of Anthony Spencer and Orlando Scandrick joining the team once again, things are looking even brighter for the team that represents the Star.

This “suspect” group of little know lineman, along with the outstanding play of Rolando McClain and Bruce Carter, is competing on a different level.

Undrafted rookie free agent Davon Coleman started turning heads in mini-camp and his motor has yet to slow down. Coleman is taking advantage of every snap he has the opportunity to be involved with. He has been disruptive and has kept offensive linemen occupied so the linebackers can fill the gaps and make plays.

Jeremy Mincey has also played solid and has been just one step short of a big play several times.

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In these two first games the defense has held two talented running teams to a combined 209 total rushing yards, two of those running players were Frank Gore and Colin Kaepernick.

Tyrone Crawford’s versatility to come in and play nearly every position on the defensive line has allowed players to remain fresh for four quarters.

Throw Terrell McClain into the mix and this team is going to continue to play at a high level which will force opposing offenses to rush their plays and make mistakes.

With the Cowboys giving away 21 free points in the opener against the ‘49ers, the defense never gave up and played a solid game even with things in that game appearing hopeless.

The team now has a 1-1 record, but this defense has played like a 2-0 team. It has been exciting to watch.

Give credit where credit is due. Rod Marinelli and Matt Eberflus has successfully installed the proper group on the field at the right times and that is a recipe for winning football.  The Cowboys will take the wave into St. Louis next. – and Distance contributing writer Whitebear560 – Whitebear560 Facebook – @whitebear560 Twitter