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Hello, dedicated Dallas Cowboys fans.  2016 was a great season, even without a Super Bowl trophy.  Dallas’ front office keeps making this team better, not to mention more exciting each passing season.

Whitebear started this site on a shoe-string.  He has put all the effort into growing this site and providing our readers with “valid”, up to date Cowboys’ news.

Whitebear provided an ad-free, clean website for two and a half years.  He experimented with ads last fall – to see if adding a few ads would help generate a little bit of running revenue, it did not.  So, we have decided to get rid of the Ads,  once and for all.

Now, we are asking our 32,000+ subscribers to please open your wallets a tiny little bit and help us to maintain a quality/real site for all your Dallas Cowboys news.

With the kindness and generosity we know our readers possess, we are asking just a $3 dollar donation to keep our site afloat  Help us protect the ranch we have worked so hard to build.  Donations of One USD will even help!  Donations of more than three USD are also excepted.  PLEASE HELP . . .

For every subscriber who donates, there is going to be a special, new, exciting area added to this webpage, just for “those subscribers” to get into and see the important news we can’t share with every reader, and to converse with all the  other loyal Dallas Cowboy fans, with the ability to form your own groups.

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We love what we do here.  Please Help Keep Whitebear560 up and running,  This is going to be another exciting season.  You won’t want to miss one second of our news.

You may find the Donation button on our page, or you may just send your donations to PayPal – https://www.paypal.com for BruceASeymour@yahoo.com.

Please remember, it is easy to donate, and just $3 a subscriber. That is pocket change that will keep this site up for years to come.  Be part of the team.  A ONE TIME Donation is all we request, PLEASE help us keep us get over the goal line.

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