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Sean Lee 550xIn a season full of disappointments, Sean Lee’s return to the starting rotation gave the Cowboys’ defense something to smile about.  Every Cowboy fan knows that Sean Lee missed the entire 2014 season after he tore his ACL in the first practice.  It took several players to fill Sean’s shoes last season.  Every Cowboys fan also knows, all to well, the history of Sean Lee and his struggles to stay injury free.  Sean attacked his rehab the same way he attacks ball carriers on game day.

This season Sean has missed one entire game, Tampa Bay, and two partial games New Orleans and Philadelphia.   His injuries this season were both concussion related, forcing Lee to try different helmets to help the situation.  This year Sean was as physically healthy as he has been since the 2012 season when he played 15 regular season games.  Following the 2012 season, Sean only managed to get on the field for a combined 17 games in two years.  When Sean starts this Sunday against the Washington Redskins, he will have matched his career high for games played in one season in the NFL.

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Sean Lee goes about his business with a quiet confidence.  He has never been the kind of player to taunt the other team after he makes a big play.  Sean is more concerned with the next  play and getting his teammates in the proper positions.  Lee is the type of leader every defense dreams about having on the field.

Last week against Buffalo, Lee led the team with 15 tackles.  At the end of last week’s game, Sean led the Cowboys in tackles on the season with 128.  Sean could sit out all the final season game and he will still lead the team in tackles for the season, since Barry Church, his only close competitor, broke his arm late in the game against the Bills and will not play Sunday at AT&T Stadium.

Sean Lee is a sidelines to sidelines type of linebacker who can also drop back into coverage.  He is tough at the point of attack and his tackling technique is close to perfect.  Sean Lee spends his share of time in the film room and his studying has paid off on game day.  Game day brings out the predator in Sean Lee.  Lee runs down the ball carriers like a Cheetah runs down a Gazelle.

In a season full of injuries and let downs, Sean Lee was one player who NEVER gave up on or off the field.  His leadership on the defense is irreplaceable.  Sean Lee is a class act no matter what the situation.  Sean Lee will be back to lead the linebackers in 2016.

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