The 21 Odyssey – How Goodell used it to Slow Down the 2017 Dallas Cowboys


The 21 Odyssey is what I am calling Roger Goodell’s abuse of power and his outright feud with owner Jerry Jones.  The Cowboys left the 2017  NFL Draft feeling mighty good about their future.  With another successful draft, Dallas was going to replace an aged secondary with a new group of regulators.

Roger Goodell’s new extended contract is to pay him in excess of 44 million per season, plus he is to get his own private jet.  Why Jerry asked, “are we paying this guy like a king?”  Goodell has better benefits than the president.  He has NEVER taken a snap in the NFL nor lead a team in this league.


Goodell used the 21 Odyssey when he felt an internal need to slow down the momentum that was building up at the Star.  Roger, still haunted by the Ray Rice incident, would use his mishandling of the case while seeking revenge against Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys.

Roger Goodell flat out lied, like our presidents do when under oath.  He would not admit to seeing the Ray Rice surveillance tape when he did indeed have access to it.  Then, gave Rice a two game suspension.  Two games for beating a woman and dragging her unconscious body onto an elevator and getting exposed by a security camera.  Goodell knew he would have to make an example out of the next player convicted of domestic abuse.

Last season, the Cowboys drafted Ezekiel Elliott, a unique running back who can play all three downs and protect our quarterback.  Elliott found his tread around the fourth regular season game, and there was no slowing down the momentum he brought with his offensive weaponry.


During his time at Ohio State, Elliott had the same urges as all young men do at that age.  He had a girlfriend.  Truth being told, she was more of his concubine then wife material.

After finding out her soon to be famous boyfriend was headed to Dallas, and she was NOT welcomed, she filed a domestic violence complaint, just like gold diggers do.

Zeke was not charged by any Ohio Law Enforcement Agency.  They did not even believe her wild tale.  This “lady” went out and had someone beat her up a little bit hoping to find the gold at the end of the rainbow.

Since Jerry Jones has questioned the dictatorship power of the commissioner, it gave Goodell a good “spotlighted” victim to make people forget about the Ray Rice blunder.


If the commissioner was so determined, he would have made this “bullshit” stick last season and not wait until he had an target amongst NFL owners.

Elliott should have been vindicated in the league, as he was in the state of Ohio.  However, old Roger’s odyssey had a vision, a vision on how he could even up the competition in the NFL while poking the Dallas Cowboys Nation with a sharp, pointed stick.

A six game suspension was handed down to Elliott before the start of this season.  Suspicious?  I think so.  How many games did Ben Roethlisberger get suspended for rape allegations?  Aldon Smith for making bomb threats at LAX?  Tom Brady for cheating inside the game?  Vontaze Burfict has made so many illegal hits of players, how many games has he been suspended for?  There are a ton of other examples.

It was tough on our team, and it was the toughest penalty ever handed down for Goodell’s own odyssey – while distorting the already shinning Star in Dallas.  This would draw worldwide attention – while distracting the nation about the ransom his new contract holds the NFL to.

I hope Goodell’s devious way blows up in his face.  While he was able to keep Zeke from winning a second rushing title, Zeke only needs 217 yards to hit the 1,000 yard plateau again.


This is a total he could very well put within his grasp during the upcoming Seattle game at AT&T Stadium this Sunday afternoon.  Elliott is not only chomping at the bit, he has an odyssey of his own to manage.

Elliott’s image has been tarnished by the commissioner, and it was not by an act he committed.  Expect Zeke to take it out on our next two opponents as the Cowboys need to win out; however, we still may not make the playoffs, not for lack of team effort, but because of Goodell trying to heal his mistakes through others.


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