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Fire Jeff (the Nazi) Sessions immediately, Mr. President!


Phuck Attorney General Jeff (the Nazi) Sessions and his trying to turn back the progression of time and common sense. The people of these states voted, no bullshit Electoral College, the people wanted this and you #JeffSessions are NOT above the majority. Life ~ Liberty ~ and the Pursuit of Happiness. #FireJeffSessions!



We the people, in order to form a more perfect union . . .

Our Government was meant to be run by the people, for the people, not by a communist dictator like this asshole Jeff Sessions.

Time to raise you voice and bring strength to the third party who MUST NOT be a member of the Washington Boys and Girls Elite Club.

Out with the old thinking pricks who have been paid by “Big Parm”, the Alcohol and Tabaco Industries.  Enough of taking lobby money without the penalty of TREASON.

There are far more important issues our Attorney General should be attacking, like “Human Trafficing” and corruption in Government.  Stop the Insanity.  

We need to give the boot to Jeff Sessions, Scott Walker, and Chris Christy, and all those who consider themselves above the law of the people and the land to the proverbial curb!