Cooper Rush and Cowboys make Huge Strides in Showdown with the Raiders


Cooper Rush‘s play has sidelined former second string quarterback Kellen Moore.  Moore just is not as talented nor as gifted of an athlete as Rush is.

Coopers first preseason game running the second string was a success.  Rush moved the ball down into the Raiders’ territory three times .

If Alfred Morris had not whiffed on his attempt to cross in front of Rush and lay his pads on his assignment as the blitz was coming, Rush would have had three successful drives.   Rush’s elbow was struck by the defender that Morris missed blocking, resulting in a 63 yard fumble return for Oakland.  However, that was to be the only “bad” play by Cooper Rush.

The rookie quarterback from the Central Michigan Chippewas wasn’t effected by the mistake and came back to score two touchdowns on his next two series.  Rush showed veteran eyes as he did not blink when it came to moving the ball downfield against the Raiders.


Cooper’s arm is very accurate and a lot stronger than Moore’s is.  This is the man who will give a challenge to Dak during the coming years.  He will NOT challenge Dak this season, but he will make Dak an even better quarterback.  Kellen has little chance to teach Dak anything more about the game.  I see the Practice Squad for Moore.

Jerry Jones said, “We will not be waiving Cooper Rush!”

Cooper Rush is from Charlotte, Michigan.  The son of Frances Rush and Matthew Rush was soon to have a big impact on the game of football. As a freshman he attended Lansing Catholic High School in Lansing, Michigan. He was a three-year starter at quarterback for Lansing Catholic. In both 2010 and 2011, he led his team to undefeated regular seasons. In 2011, he led his team to the state runner-up title. Cooper holds Michigan high school records for most touchdowns in a quarter (5), half (7), game (8), and season (48). Rush finished his high school career throwing for 80 touchdowns and 7,248 passing yards (455-for-734, 62 percent). He also finished with 27 rushing touchdowns and 1,438 rushing yards.

After joining the Chippewas, Cooper was redshirted his first season.  He also won the Offensive Scout Team Player of the Year that first year.

As a freshman, Cooper Rush passed for 2349 yards.  He followed that up by passing for 3157 yards as a sophomore.  He set a record by posting 7 touchdowns in the  Bahama Bowl.  His junior season Rush passed for 3848 yards and in his senior season he passed for 3540 yards while NEVER getting a Quarterback Rating of less than 126.2, which was in his freshman season.  As a sophomore he earned a QBR of 149.5 and as a junior he rated 144.7.  Rush threw up 90 touchdowns as the leader of the Chippewas.  Rush is a true gamer!

Somehow, Rush went undrafted.  Meanwhile, it appears that Will McClay’s scouting team has found another Diamond in the Rough.

The Cowboys finally have a decent back-up.  Let the Tony Romo comparisons begin!



Allow me to start with the defensive line.  Maliek Collins is super quick for being a monster.  Maliek plays the game like a real baller.  The interior of the defensive line will go as Collins goes, if he is good, we shall be great.   I defend this statement with the fact that Stephen Paea and rookie Lewis Neal will handle the one-technique.  Throw  Tyrone Crawford in the mix and we get even better with Marinelli’s rotations scheme.


At the end position we have another fine group.   Having said that, Demontre Moore is amped to have a special effect after he serves his two game suspension. Once again, a suspension will cost us one of our best linemen, David Irving, for four games.  Fear not Cowboy fans, DeMarcus Lawrence, Benson Mayowa, Charles Tapper, Taco Charlton and Tyrone Crawford will get the job done early.  I can see them keeping Lenny Jones as a situation-rusher off the edge.

Losing Hitchens will be sad.  However, he is not irreplaceable.  Look for Jaylon Smith to get the MIKE starting job.  Jaylon says, “I feel like myself.”  Look out NFL!


Look for Justin Durant and Mark Nzeocha to rotate early to limit Smith’s  snap counts. Sean Lee looks to be ready to lead this group and probably will lead the team in tackles, again.  Damien Wilson has improved his game and looks to start on the strong side, or SAM linebacker.  This is Wilson’s true position and he knows how to get to the ball on the run.

As for the backfield, it will be led by Orlando Scandrick.


Orlando is back on top of his game.  Anthony Brown will play in Orlando’s corner position when Scandrick is moved to cover the slot receiver.  Nolan Carroll is a decent replacement for Brandon Carr, but his job will be challenged by Anthony Brown and Chidobe Awuzie early in the season.  It was disappointing to see Duke Thomas go down to injury.  Thomas was one of the more consistent replacements on the verge to make the 53 man roster.



Dak is the leader.  Ezekiel Elliott may or may not start the season on the suspended list, we will know more Tuesday, after his hearing.  My gut feeling is that if his punishment is NOT lowered, we will see another player filing appeals all the way to the Supreme Court to remain playing the entire season.  Behind him are two rejuvenated running backs chomping at the bit.  With our Pro-Bowl Offensive line,  our running game will NOT suffer, too much.

I think Jonathan Cooper wins the left guard position by default.  Chaz Green is a powerful lineman, but his inability to remain healthy puts him behind the eight ballKadeem Edwards is another very powerful lineman, who may claim Green’s spot on the team.  Emmitt Cleary also plays nasty and with some raw power.

Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams, Cole Beasley and Brice Butler will make it difficult for any other wide receivers to get targeted, with the exception of rookie Ryan Switzer.

Jason Witten is amazing as he heads into his 15th season.


James Hanna is a developed blocker and a decent receiver.  Both Hanna and Geoff Swaim have valuable roles with this squad.  How will we make room for Rico Gathers?

It looks like another championship type of season for our Dallas Cowboys!  Stayed tuned!

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“Stabbed” Deep in the Heart of Texas!

Why I oughta !





Commissioner Roger Goodell has stabbed the Dallas Cowboys, again.  The commissioner has made an example of another Cowboy player.  Goodell’s excessiveness can be witnessed by the  punishment he has handed down to Ezekiel Elliott.


Zeke has been suspended for six games.  I do believe that Zeke needs a handler, like Dez Bryant had for his first couple of seasons.  I also believe players should be accountable for their actions, however . . .

Goodell’s previous actions

Let me sum this up for you.   I know there is a standard that all players must abide to, but it sure seems like Roger Goodell has made a target of certain teams/players while he has played nurse-maid to others.

They legendary Brett Farve, admitted to his addiction to Vicodin and he was “NEVER” suspended by Goodell.  After another career incident with media personnel, Jenn Sterger, he AGAIN avoided any suspension by Goodell.

Tom Brady “cheated” within the game.  Brady was allowed to finish the season and he play the entire next season while lying about his actions.  Brady destroyed any evidence (his cell phone) that could have proven the absolute facts, an action that only the guilty would do.  Then, Brady, only served a four game suspension the following season.

In 2015, Le’Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers was arrested for DUI and possession of Marijuana, along with teammate LaGarrett Blount.  Goodell originally handed down a four game suspension that was reduced to three games, then, reduced again during the appeal process to two games.  In 2016, Bell skipped out on a “NFL Mandatory Drug Test” he knew he would fail, after failing one already, and his punishment was reduced from four to three games.  Three  games?

DeMarcus Lawrence used Adderall while he returned to college to complete his degree.  This is a common drug used by students to study.

Caption (credit:

While it violated NFL policy, it didn’t manufacture any social disobedience.   Yet, the Cowboys had to face four games of the 2016 season without their Star defensive end.  That was the same amount of punishment handed down to New England and Tom Brady for cheating, again!  Stabbed!

This makes one wonder why Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns and Randy Gregory has been  stabbed/banished for a year for failing 2 drug test.

At the NFL Combine, where he wasn’t even an NFL player yet, Gregory failed a drug test, and he has had two more cases of testing positive for Marijuana.


This year long punishment is pure and utter BULLSHIT because Gregory has a real mental issues.  He did not make a bomb threat at an airport, i.e. Aldon Smith, of the then San Francisco 49’ers.  Nor, did he shoot himself while brandishing a firearm.  Gregory sexually violated no one.  He wasn’t arrested for bad behavior.  Gregory beat no one up and he did finish his rehab.  Compare this to compromising the integrity of the league by cheating.  We have been stabbed.

While Zeke’s off field actions are that of an immature brat, the punishment is excessive.


This is just Goodell’s way of attempting to put a black mark on the Cowboys organization, while they have a playoff team onboard.

Hey, Roger!  How about some common sense with these suspensions for off field activities.  At least level the playing field and make the punishments fit the crimes.  The NFL is about the game, not about the private lives of players.  The offenses committed by Zeke and Randy did NOT effect the outcome of any games, just their own lives.

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