A Star * Future Hall of Fame* #94 walks off into the Sunset as a Cowboy

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Today welcomed back our only Great Pass Rusher since Hall of Fame member Charles Haley lined -up at the right end position.  A Man among Men, who also sported #94DeMarcus Ware.

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Ware signed a one day deal with the Jones, so he could officially retire as a Dallas Cowboy.  It is sad to see a career like his come to and end, but that is inevitable,  for our life’s here on earth tend to be sudden and short.  It is the same for athletes with careers in the NFL.

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DeMarcus showed the world how a real Cowboy gets down.  His career was marred by nothing except his generosity and his sense of duty, as he often suited up while injured.

Ware has given his own time with his community actions here in Dallas.  This was a great man on and off the field.  Shame on the Jones for allowing Randy Gregory to wear the number 94!

Ware was relentless whether playing in the league as a defensive end or an outside linebacker.  His motor never ran out of gas, but his last season in Dallas showed his body was starting to break-down.  Yet, DeMarcus Ware was able to get the big money (he was NOT going to get from the Jones) and he moved on to Denver.    Ware came up to the big league with Jason Witten and Tony Romo.  Denver  is where DeMarcus received his Super Bowl Ring.

Maybe, DeMarcus Lawrence will take some notes:

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You won’t get into the Hall of Fame with “mediocre” play, nor  will it increase your chances by missing four games every season.  Stand up like a man #90, set the example, don’t be pointed out as the “example.”

It was great watching you DeMarcus Warewhen you were playing for Dallas.  It was great having such a talented pass rusher.  You soon will be in the Hall of Fame.  It is a good thing that you came home to the team who drafted you, to ride down the last trail of what was a brilliant career.  Congratulations.

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