NFL Agenda for a Cowboy Conspiracy


The National Football League seemingly has an agenda and has conspired with the men in stripes to keep Dallas out of contention in this 2017 season.  Roger Goodell is yielding his dictator’s invisible sword and cutting the Cowboys out of the playoffs.

It all started this summer when, that whore, Roger Goodell decided that, even though Ohio Law Enforcement Agencies found no evidence to charge Ezekiel Elliott for any wrong doing, Goodell came up with a agenda/scheme that would make the league forget about his mishandling of the Ray Rice case, at the Cowboys’ expense.


There is no video of Elliott doing anything wrong, nor evidence, nor reliable information of him doing any such thing and this gold digging harlot has managed to mar an otherwise good, young man’s life.  This was her agenda – to receive  a financial settlement – since she was a Elliott’s concubine and obviously not wife material.

Goodell has made example of Dallas players in recent times like the extreme punishment that was handed down to Randy Gregory.

We need to test the commissioner for what drugs he is taking.  It has to be something more powerful than a little pot.

Let’s examine Pittsburg’s LeVeon Bell.  Bell was arrested for drug and paraphernalia possession and driving while under the influence with then teammate LaGarrett Blount.  Then, Bell skipped out on a MANDATORY NFL drug test and was suspended for four games, eventually serving only a two game suspension.

The Commissioner’s job is to rule fairly and justly.  Another example of Goodell’s favoritism showed with his handling of New England’s Tom Brady case.  Conspiracy with what agenda?


Brady cheated and dishonored the game with his actions during a game.  He was allowed to finish the season.   This came about after Brady destroyed his cell phone, the one item that would have him caught red handed, cheating, or proven his innocence.  Then, Brady was allowed to play the entire next season.


Then, his suspension was lowered to four games – two less games than Zeke received for something that did NOT happen. Favoritism? NFL Agenda?

Jamies Winston was arrested for stealing crabs while in college.  Convicted no less.  No penalty from Roger.  It seems as though no penalties will be called against any team the Cowboys play, unless the game is out of reach.  Then, the officials seem okay with calling a token penalty on our opponents.

There are plenty more examples of Goodell’s agenda, like the Josh Gordon case in Cleveland.

In the last two games, Atlanta and Philadelphia, not one single offensive holding call was made by the officials unless it was against our Cowboys.  NOT a single flag.

In the Atlanta game, Dak Prescott suffered 8 sacks.  On five of those sacks, Dak was hit in the head and neck area, not one single call for a roughing the quarterback.  Goodell has an agenda and it is all against Jerry Jones and his Dallas Cowboys.


Against Philadelphia, Dak ran for a first down and got out of bounds and Malcolm Jenkins hit Dak in the head, while out of bounds, no flag.  Never would the league let that happen to Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers or Russell Wilson.

Dez was targeted early in the Philly game.  On the first target he was held by Malcolm Jenkins causing an incompletion, no flag.  The second target was to Dez in the end zone and Ronald Darby was allowed to shove Dez, with both hands in the chest, while the ball was on the way, still no flag.  It should have been pass interference and the Cowboys ball at the one yard line, since the penalty occurred in the end zone.  Do you see a trend or a conspiracy?

Where is the commissioner at and what is he doing?  Nowhere and Nothing.  Does anyone know why Goodell deserves in excess of 40 million dollars a season?


And he wants more.  Don’t complain about how much star players receive when you compare it to this cartoon groper and abuser.


Time for an over-see committee to take on issues in the NFL, as a panel group and it is high time to tell Roger Goodell  to take his undeserved millions and hit the road.


Help Needed in the Heart of Texas


There is a sign out in front of the Star in Frisco that states:  Help Needed, immediately.  I do not mean literally, but the team has hung this one on themselves.

The Cowboys are at 5-4 and it is time to see some desperation, not only in the players, but in the coaching staff itself.  Dallas has suffered two beat-downs on the road this season.  The Cowboys were embarrassed last week in Atlanta.

This week with Ezekiel ElliottTyron Smith and Sean Lee out, again, the Cowboys are going to have to buck-up Sunday evening as they will host the rival Philadelphia Eagles at AT&T Stadium.  The team will need all hands and a little help from Lady Luck to pull out a win.

With the exception of the Special Teams Units, the entire team has to own up for the debacle which occurred last Sunday.


We can start near the top with the finger of blame.  Jason Garrett had his head buried in the sand in Atlanta.  I do not except the “we played a lot of Left Formations to help out at left tackle” explanation!  If so, why did we not see more of Darren McFadden in the line-up? He is our best pass protector, when Zeke is not available.

There is a hidden mystery going on with DMac that the Cowboys are keeping under tight wraps.  Why has our #2 running back been inactive until last week?  Has he been demoted for the fumble in preseason?  Or, has he just been that much of a disappointment this year?

No “conscious” NFL head coach leaves his starting quarterback in the game when you are down by 20 points because “the game is 60 minutes long.”


The same can be said about a coach who leaves his Star quarterback in the game without addressing the left tackle failure that went on for three quarters.

It looked like Chaz Green, who has been on the team for three years, was “shaving points.”  How do we not replace him before he had given up three sacks. let alone five.  I guess he was being left in the game to “take his lumps”; unfortunately, Dak Prescott was the one suffering the lumps.

Expect to see journeyman Byron Bell at left tackle Sunday evening.  I hope Jason Garrett can do a better job this week, now that he will not be mesmerized by Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Why have we not activated tight end Rico Gathers?  Certainly Rico can not still be under “concussion protocol” from a hit in practice just before the season started.  I have a conspiracy theory here!

I have absolute faith in Anthony Hitchens taking over at the Will position.  We have a really talented group of linebackers and it is time for us to see more big plays out of them.

Hitch is ball’n!  Anthony suffered from a freak broken knee cap injury in preseason causing him to miss four games and a lot of valuable practice time.  He is getting better each game since he has returned.  #59 will be setting the defense in Sean Lee’s absence.

With the entire week to prepare to play together, I expect better play out of Jaylon Smith and Damien Wilson.


The starting linebackers will get some help and a breather because Justin Durant is expected to be active for Sunday’s NFC matchup.

Rookie free safety Xavier Woods will replace Jeff Heath.


Heath took a violent blind-side block from Muhammad Sanu, that should have been a 15 yard penalty for a personal foul.  For some unknown reason, Atlanta found help from the “zebras”, avoiding several penalties for hits to the neck and head area of our quarterback.

Woods and Byron Jones will receive help from Chidobe Awuzie as he will finally be active once again.  Awuzie skills will be needed on Special Teams without Jeff Heath.

While there is not a real sign out in front of the Star, the team has become aware that the season is only 16 games long and they can’t afford to leave  points or opportunities on the field.  Expect to see the Cowboys come out of the shoot hanging on to the reins for 60 minutes Sunday, coaches and players alike.

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